Adrienn Levai in Pink Bikini + Video

Adrienn Levai in Pink Bikini + Video

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Hungarian International model Adrienn Levai is back and absolutely rocking a bikini in this beachfront set from photographer Joel London. In a skimpy pink two piece, Adrienn reflects on her version of the perfect man. In short, she’s looking for someone who can think on his feet, and she considers herself to be quite a handful. In a guy, I look for someone who can handle me, says Adrienn. My lifestyle, my personality you gotta be able to handle that. Sexually, I am a little schizophrenic. Some days I need rough sex, and other days, it must be soft and romantic. We think sex on the beach is a pretty common fantasy, so we’ll leave you to it, guys hit the surf with the fabulously busty Adrienn Levai, only on Playboy Plus.



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