How It Works – Book of Incredible History 7th Edition

 English | 180 pages | True PDF | 64.6 Mb

Journey through the ages and celebrate history’s most intriguing customs, traditions and inventions with How It Works Book of Incredible History. Traverse time periods and time zones via our eclectic range of subjects: the ancient world, iconic buildings and landmarks, weapons and warfare, masterful inventions, influential visionaries and prehistoric predators. Packed with fascinating facts and informative illustrations, history will be brought to life before your eyes!

• Ancient history – Travel back to the world’s first civilisations, from Ancient Egypt to Mesopotamia.
• Buildings, places & landmarks – Step inside some of the most iconic structures from around the world.
• Influential figures – Meet some of history’s most prominent characters, from inventors to explorers.
• Prehistoric world – Encounter some of the deadliest predators to have roamed the Earth before man.


This version of the magazine is intended to familiarize!

Posted: Jon 08.08.2016
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