Make: Arduino Bots and Gadgets

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Want to build your own robots, turn your ideas to prototypes, control devices with a computer, or make your own cell phone applications? It’s a snap with this book and the Arduino open sourse electronic prototyping platform. You’ll quickly acquire the know-how experience to invent your own cool gadgets.

Contents of This Book:

Chapter 1, Introduction
This chapter explains prototyping, including an overview of the philosophy behind it, techniques, and tools.

Chapter 2, Arduino: The Brains of an Embedded System
This chapter familiarizes you with Arduino, the open source electronics prototyping platform used in every project in this book (except the Boxing Clock in Chapter 6).

Chapter 3, Stalker Guard
In this chapter, you’ll learn how to use distance-finding sensors to detect when someone is trying to sneak up on you.

Chapter 4, Insect Robot
This chapter uses distance-finding sensors, servos, and spare parts to make an obstacle-avoiding robot.

Chapter 5, Interactive Painting
This chapter combines Arduino, your computer, and distance-finding sensors to create an interactive slideshow you can control with your hands. You’ll also learn about two languages for programming on the computer: Processing and Python.

Chapter 6, Boxing Clock
This chapter teaches you how to build a graphically rich timer clock on an Android phone. It will also serve as a primer for Chapter 8.

Chapter 7, Remote for a Smart Home
In this chapter, you’ll hack some remote-controlled power outlets so you can turn things on or off using a sketch running on Arduino—or even from the convenience of your desktop computer.

Chapter 8, Soccer Robot
This chapter combines a lot of what you’ve learned so far: Arduino, robotics, and cell phone (Android) programming. You’ll learn how to create a remote-controlled, soccer-playing robot. You’ll control it from your cell phone’s built-in accelerometer; simply tilt the phone to tell the robot to move or kick a small ball!

Appendix, tBlue Library for Android
The appendix presents tBlue, a lightweight library that makes it easy to communicate over Bluetooth between an Android phone and Arduino.

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