Men’s and Women’s Health – The Big Book of Sex

 Rodale Press | 2011 | English | ISBN-10: 1605293032 | ISBN-13: 978-1605293035 | True PDF | 386 pages | 22 MB

Good health and a fit body are inextricably entwined with great sex. On a physical level, fitness makes one a more attractive and skilled lover. On an emotional level, studies show that body image plays a key role in sexual desire and satisfaction. Research has linked a healthy sex life to lower risks of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression, and obesity. Based on the latest research on sexual health, behavioral psychology, fitness, and nutrition, “The Men’s Health and Women’s Health – Big Book of Sex” is brimming with useful tips, exercise photos, practical sidebars, and more. The book also features the Better-Sex Workout, the Better-Sex Diet, a Trouble-Shooter s Guide to Sexual Health, and Q&A columns from the Men s Health Girl Next Door and Women s Health Guy Next Door and leading sexual health experts. The book s unique flip cover approach, with gender specific chapters that converge in a Theirs section in the middle, creates a playful he said/she said quality. Both genders will eagerly read for the inside scoop on what the opposite sex is thinking, feeling, and doing behind closed doors.


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Posted: Jon 13.09.2016
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